Otters Room

Frangipani 1 & 2

Forest view



Frequently Asked Questions

What amenities do your rooms include?

Private bathroom


Towels and hairdryer

Mini refrigerator or minibar

Free Wi-Fi

Swimming pool

Recreational activities


transportation services

Eco-friendly practices

Is breakfast included in the room rate?

Yes breakfast is included in the room rate. However if you book direct and decide to not take breakfast we will give a 10% discount.

Can I book online, and what is your cancellation policy?

You can book through various booking agency's. Like agoda or booking dot com. We would prefer you to book direct.

Are pets allowed at your bed and breakfast?

Unfortunately we have 12 dogs and 3 cats so we cant guarantee the safety of your pets. If you would like to bring them please contact and inform us before you arrive.

What local attractions are nearby?

we are situated about 100meters from the national park. where untamed landscapes and diverse ecosystems create a captivating haven for nature enthusiasts.

Do you offer any special packages or promotions?

Please speak to us personally and we can get back to you about any seasonal offers or packages that we could provide.

Contact Us

019-484 1075

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